Morel Hunting in Virginia

Well, Virginia is wonderful this time of year. The green is bursting out all over with 70-degrees during the day and down around 50 at night. This is just what you want for morels. If you aren’t hip to these beauties, here’s a pic from the photo library.

Hiding in plain sight.

(You can find all you need to know about hunting morels there — by region with current reports of finds.)

There are three varieties to look for near Richmond. The blacks and browns are rare now (at least that is what they told me) and the grays (like the ones in the picture to the right) are the current target. The idea is to walk a likely area — I’m not supposed to spill the beans on exactly where we went — with a sharp eye out.

I have to admit I walked past shrooms more than once. Anna and Big Dick walked behind me to play back-up. When you spot one, you stop, dead. You stop and slowly look around in a circle. Because, where there is one, there will almost always be several. Oh, and the reason you spend hours tromping through the woods? If you’ve ever eaten morel mushrooms, I don’t have to tell you. If you’ve never eaten them, I won’t be able to tell you. Suffice it to say that they are one of the truly excellent flavors on the planet.

Anna cooks them up with butter in a frying pan that has had a couple of pieces of bacon already fried in it. The bacon grease combined with the butter adds just the right compliment to the fresh morels. Anna didn’t partake because her doctor (who I think must be a sadist) said she should avoid them for now. I think her doctor is mistaking true morels for ‘false’ morels. These look like folded leather and do not have the pits like real morels do. In any case, the false ones do have a bit of mono-methyl hydrazine in them — probably not something she should eat in her condition.

Speaking of Anna’s condition, I’m due to go in and get tested to see if I am a match for her. If I am, I will be donating bone marrow right away. I think I’m supposed to stay healthy until then… what exactly that means, I’m not sure.

In any case, it was good to get out in the woods. We took Bruno, and although he didn’t find any morels (or if he did, he ate them) he got a good run in. Anna and Big Dick took to Bruno right away. I’m sorry to have to give him up, but it will be better for him to have a family. We left baby George with a sitter for the mushroom hunt, and when Bruno saw him again, he gave the kid a big sloppy dog kiss before Anna could stop him. That too is amazing. How such a huge dog can be so gentle with a baby. They seem to know that too much will get the mother all protective.

I spent a lot of time working the arbitrages this week. Still watching all the World Cup action. The complex arbitrages make it a little more effort, but it pays off.


One response to “Morel Hunting in Virginia

  1. LOVE morel mushrooms. We’re having a good year in all our ‘secret locations’. Looking forward to at least two more weeks of hunting!

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